There’s this new GDPR law which says I have to tell you how I’m using your data.

Even though this website really isn’t a business or anything.

Righto. privacy statement

When you visit this site, we store your IP address, the URL of the page you requested, your browser’s user agent, and the date and time of the request. This is all simply information that nginx, the web server powering this website, spits out into a logfile whenever you request a page from this site.

This information is never given away to any third parties. It may be used by me for my own analytical purposes - including, but not limited to, how many people are looking at the website, what pages are popular, and what kind of browsers people are using. This information will be retained for a maximum of 1 year, in order to fulfil this purpose.

I currently believe this processing of data to be lawful as one of my “legitimate interests” as an operator of this site.

opt-out (right to erasure)

If you seriously object to this, contact me using one of the methods listed on the about page, and I’ll purge your IP address from my logs forever & stop logging it.

other rights

If you really want a dump of all the logs I’ve collected about you, you can also get that I guess (under your rights to access and portability). Use the about page linked earlier.