hello there

You've reached the website of η (eta), a person who programs stuff. And, also, writes stuff (usually about programming). The editors of this website would like to advise readers to stay away from non-programming related utterances, by the way.

Readers should also note that η, although described as a programmer and writer, only rarely partakes in either activity, as evidenced by the dates provided next to all information below. (However, the dates are at least formatted with ISO 8601.)

Anyhow. Below, you should find various lists, which will attempt to describe me and my activities - a method that should prove more efficient than reading this rather obfuscated introductory paragraph.

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(Why in the world would you want to do such a thing?)

η (eta)
email: hi@theta.eu.org (I'm going to regret this once I start getting spammed...)
Matrix.org (instant messaging): @eta:theta.eu.org
GitHub: eeeeeta
Mastodon: @eta@writing.exchange
Twitter (rarely updated): @eeeeeta9
reddit (useful for PMs, I guess): /u/eeeeeta
(This entire contact bit also implements the h-card spec! Check out that link for more info.)