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Hi! I'm η (eta), a hobbyist programmer, (very) occasional blog post writer, and free software enthusiast. If you're reading this site, you should probably stay away from any blog posts that aren't about programming, if you value your sanity.

I tend to tinker around with various programming and systems-administration tasks in my free time, writing small applications to get things done (like chatbots, utilities to bridge different communication media together, and scripts to automate boring tasks). When I'm not doing that, I usually have a big project to work on - currently, that's osm-signal (it was SQA earlier, but progress on that one slowed down after rewriting the whole thing). The idea is to experiment with more large-scale, innovative ideas, learning the technologies needed to complete such a project.

Anyway, here are some lists of blog posts and projects to stop you wading through this somewhat waffly prose. Feel free to contact me using the links at the bottom of the page if you have questions, comments, or just want to say hi!

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η (eta)
• Email: hi@theta.eu.org (probably the best method to use)
• GitHub: eeeeeta
• Discord: eta#4023
• Mastodon: @eta@chaos.social
• eta on lobste.rs
• eeeeeta on freenode IRC
• ~eeeeeta on tilde.town